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Anxiety.  Neglect.  Remorse.  Embarrassment.  Shame.  Pain.  Whatever your motivation is for seeking a dentist, we thank you for considering us.  We want to alleviate your concerns and replace them with relief, comfort and a sense of accomplishment with the full knowledge that you have received the best care according to your informed decisions.

Dr. Terry H. Vibbert and the staff of the Village Dentist are proud to offer hi-tech dental treatment in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to help patients achieve and maintain excellent dental health throughout their lifetime. Using advanced technology and the latest dental techniques, we provide service in most areas of dentistry.

Here are just a few comments from our patients:

Dr. Vibbert is extremely gifted in the art of dentistry. He is a
truly skilled and caring craftsman whose integrity matches the
caliber of his work.  And, to those of us who anxiously sit in the
dentist's chair: the latest technology honestly means it's pain

Laura P.

Dr Vibbert gave me a smile that I don't remember ever having.  The medication that I took as a child took that smile away from me because it made me very self conscious about smiling.  The bonding I had done in the eighth grade helped but doesn't even compare to how my teeth look now!  I didn't realize it would be such a change.  I can't quit smiling!

Ellen B.

My life was miserable because I couldn't chew food with my
dentures.  Dr. Vibbert saw me and secured my lower denture with same-day dental implants.  Now I can chew anything I want and I don't have to worry about my teeth coming loose when I talk.

Harry W.

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